July 05, 2007

Cameron on Copyright

David Cameron wants to bribe the music industry with an extension to copyright in order that they produce more music that is to his taste. Cameron is wrong on this, both practically and philosophically.

Practically because extending copyrights is simply a bad idea (PDF).

there is also freedom of speech. If a musician chooses to make music about the glorification of materialism, misogyny and guns then that is their choice. They should be able to express themselves as they see fit. There are no bad thoughts, just bad actions. So the state has no place trying to bribe people out of the Thought Crimes of misogyny and materialism (though this is better than the Big Clunking Fist's approach of wanting to imprison people for naughty thoughts). Speech is the expression of thought and so has to be free if thought is (on the proviso that they do not directly incite bad actions). If other people connect with this type of music that Cameron doesn't like and choose to buy it then fine, the art has obviously had it's intended effect. I would prefer that they didn't, but they should still be free to express themselves if they choose to.


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